Tami will fight for a city that centers, celebrates, and welcomes all in our policy, investments, and culture.

Current State


Too many of our neighbors and family members are left out of Memphis economically and socially and it has disastrous consequences on their lives. 


Today, Black women are four times as likely to die in childbirth than white women, our infant mortality rates are still among the highest in the country and Black babies are three times as likely to die before they are one than white babies.


Young people who menstruate don’t have ready access to menstrual products at home and school.


Our families are often separated in the too-few homeless shelter options available and in investments that don’t support permanent housing. 


People in Memphis deserve - but don’t yet have convenient, judgment free - access to affordable quality healthcare which includes family planning services like coverage of contraception and reproductive services. 


Too many of our neighborhoods are food deserts, lacking access to fresh food with high nutritional value.


Our parks and green spaces aren’t readily accessible to everyone nor are they all properly protected from encroachment by corporate interests. Memphians of all economic backgrounds deserve access to world-class, well-preserved parks.


Our Spanish-speaking neighbors don’t have equal access to city services and our immigrant services are relegated to Spanish-speaking members only, even when they’re sparsely available. 


Today, queer youth represent 40 percent of the youth homeless population. Memphis is ranked 8th in the country for new HIV transmissions and queer Black men and transgender women of color are disproportionately impacted by this preventable and treatable virus. 


More Memphians today than ever are renting - more than 56% - and our rents are increasing by double percentage points annually. As Memphis housing prices increase, our people need consistent, reliable ways to find representation for disputes, protection, and for organizing.

What's Predictable​

If nothing changes, we will continue to see core members of our community – women, Black people, LGBTQ people, immigrants, Spanish speakers, religious minorities, and more – left out and left behind. They will continue to feel marginalized in our city, be paid less for work, suffer needlessly in quality of life and in healthcare outcomes, and will eventually leave our city. We will not be able to attract back Memphians who leave or welcome new Memphians, who won’t want to choose a city that is so silent or even hostile to those that could otherwise play such a critical role in growing our city. Our housing costs will continue to soar unchecked and we could easily find our homeless populations growing and our neighbors forced out of their communities because they can no longer afford them.

What Tami Will Fight For Instead

Tami dreams of a city where everyone is welcome, included, and actively represented in our government; one that demonstrates the best of what we can be. 


She wants to lead a government that puts the people of Memphis first and strengthens the whole of our communities. 


She knows that, especially now, we need a mayor who will stand up to Nashville and even our federal government, not one that stands idly by while our citizens’ rights are infringed upon and core constituencies are attacked.

Tami's Priorities

  • Ensure through our city-wide competitive education & youth fund that menstrual products are available for all who need them and that programs that focus on health education - including comprehensive sexual education - are prioritized.

  • Appoint a task-force, with representatives from all the major healthcare systems in Memphis, to create an action plan to reduce mortality rates for pregnant women, particularly women of color, and to decrease infant mortality rates.

  • Work with local organizations to expand the availability of contraceptives, including long-acting contraceptives, and HIV prevention medication.

  • Appoint a queer-identifying LGBTQ+ liaison and support the growth of OUTMemphis’s Metamorphosis Project, which works to end homelessness and trauma for LGBTQ+ youth.

  • Fund a diverse and representative promotional campaign focused on HIV awareness and targeted to increase access to prevention and care services across the city.

  • Appoint a City Parks & Neighborhood Director who will ensure all city parks are preserved, well-serviced, and readily accessible to our citizens, in particular our youth.

  • Ensure all city services and websites are at least available in Spanish and ensure that immigrant support services are expanded beyond our Spanish-speaking communities.

  • Commit to the citizens of Memphis that my leadership team will represent the full diversity of the city and that gender pay equity will be achieved at all levels of the city government within my first term. 

  • Work with any current homeless shelters to be inclusive to many more Memphians that need their services and ensure any future ones have policies that do not separate children from their mothers based on gender identification in any way.

  • Identify ‘housing first’ best practices and programs to implement in Memphis.

  • Work with community advocates and renters to identify, support, and implement best practices that protect renters’ rights.

  • Ensure through our efforts to grow small businesses and attract future business to Memphis that grocery store recruitment & development in neighborhoods that are food deserts is a top priority.

  • Build a neighborhood council reflective of our faith communities, neighborhood associations and community development corporations, and citizens who will elevate concerns from their communities and have a working relationship with the administration and each other.


Memphis youth need opportunities that prepare them for school, life, and career success.

Paid for by Tami Sawyer for Mayor, Tim Ware, Treasurer